366 Days of Photos

16 January 2012


I was getting slightly worried today that I wouldn’t be able think of anything to photograph for today’s project 365.

However, I walked into my flat, saw this lovely tulip coming to the end of its life and immediately started shooting. (I’m still sitting in my coat and hat as I write this.)

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220 thoughts on “16 January 2012

  1. Wow. For being spur of the moment, this is truly spectacular!


  2. How lovely. My partner is now doing a photo-a-day project she’s publishing on my blog. It’s been fun so far.

    And congats on Freshly Pressed!


  3. Very nice indeed. I do like flowers and greenery when they are ‘going over’ – lovely shot.

  4. I too started a photo a day challenge, just because I never ‘finish’ anything!! I’ve really enjoyed it so far and it’s really making me think…which can’t be a bad thing!! Love your photo today.

  5. Beautiful shot! Flowers are my favorite!

  6. Good subject, tulip on its last legs, it’s a very good photo. Iam no photo genius, however it’s what you saw through your eye’s, so its what we see. Good stuff.

  7. parentingalive on said:

    Gave me chills. Wow. Beautiful!

  8. Very calming pic! Thank you!

  9. It’s a beautiful photo!!

  10. Absolutely stunning!!!! Great work !!

  11. Amy Walker on said:

    So beautiful. I’m also worried I’m going to run out of ideas.

  12. Beautiful shot!

  13. Wow. For being spur of the moment, this is truly spectacular!

  14. Red Toenails on said:


  15. The Embellished Nest on said:

    Wow, this is SO beautiful!

  16. Beautiful Photograph!

  17. Beautiful colours and textures.

  18. Emma @ Sweet Mabel on said:

    Very impressive shot, I love it!

  19. Really nice photo!!!

  20. That’s what is called-inspiration. Just catch it before it’s gone and it doesn’t matter are you in hat and coat or just in your pyjama. πŸ™‚ Incredible photo of tulip, my favorite flower by the way.
    Wish you a lot of inspiration for future photos πŸ™‚

  21. Beautiful! πŸ™‚ Life’s all about appreciating the little things. x

  22. I’m obsessed with withering flowers…ah…this one is definitely making it in to my collection!

  23. That is so beautiful, it would even work as a print! Looking forward to checking out more of your photos!

  24. This is amazing! How did you make such amazing lighting?

    I have a WordPress photography blog as well, I’m glad we share a love for photos! πŸ™‚

  25. closspimentinha on said:

    Great picture!! Really lovely!

  26. oklahomacitylocksmith on said:

    Simple and beautiful. The circle of life!

    Oklahoma City Locksmith

  27. JBPhotography on said:

    Perfection in the imperfections πŸ™‚

  28. Lovely photo! Sometimes the photo makes itself known πŸ™‚

  29. Well done. Great photos and excellent idea for the year. Can’t wait to see further photos πŸ™‚ Keep it up!!!

  30. pretty sensational picture

  31. Your enthusiasim paid off. Nice shot.

  32. Lovely detail and colour.

  33. Truly God’s beauty abounds amidst us…all we have to do, is take time to see.

  34. Oh, my. Absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing how these things present themselves to us!

  35. madisoncary on said:

    what a gorgeous photo!

  36. gotta love how inspiration just finds you! great pic!

  37. Wow. It’s a beautiful photo. I am also often worried that I run out of my writing ideas. However, there are always things to write about like your photo ideas.

  38. Wow. Your pictures are so good it makes me feel bad about mine.

  39. The fact that you caught the tulip in the midst of withering poses another side of its beauty; and that’s its death. Actually, it’s a brilliant shot.


  40. Stunning! I’m a big passionate of flower photography. This picture is simply stunning!

  41. This is inspirational. It just goes to show that there’s beauty all around us we just have to look for them ^_^

  42. That’s extraordinary!

  43. amazing photo, ty for sharing.

  44. Fantastic… this is absolutely beautiful. It made my day.

  45. joahnadiyosa on said:

    What a beautiful photo… πŸ™‚

  46. that’s lovely, flowers are definitely one of the most photographed things in the world.

  47. scribblegurl on said:

    Gorgeous, and I never would have thought of it, myself. Props.

  48. Amazing shot! and I love your 366 days project πŸ™‚

  49. Indeed, very beautiful flowers

  50. Beautiful picture of the tulip. If this is the kind of thing I can look forward to every single day for the next year, then you have a new blog follower to be sure. I am impressed with your commitment to posting a great picture each day. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Love it! Congrats on Freshly Pressed

  52. What a wonderful photograph! The details & color are breathtaking.

  53. Gorgeous photos! Makes me wish it was spring here in Chicago!

    BTW, I’m also doing a 365 Project over at makingmade.com and I just added your blog to my blog roll. Yay for 365 projects (or in this case this year, 366 projects)!

  54. great eye! love it!

  55. What a great picture! Great control over the exposure!

  56. fashionbeauty4you on said:

    Beautiful shot.I love flowers.

  57. This is absolutely amazing. Beautiful work.

  58. Congratulations on making it to Freshly Pressed…. and on capturing the beauty of the flower even at its late stage of life!

  59. Gorgeously captured!

  60. Love it!

  61. Gorgeous photo! I did 365 days of photos last year (they’re on my blog) and it was so fun taking an image for each day. And I love your header!

  62. Nice, I kinda like the flower. Reminds me of Cataliya… and Columbiana the movie. Nice one.

  63. That is really beautiful. Thanks.

    Can I ask with what lens you shot this? Also, are you using a light box of some kind?

    Great shot.

  64. elizabethweaver on said:

    Great image….thank you!

  65. Pingback: 16 January 2012 | slopestreetcats.com

  66. Wow. That is such a gorgeous photo. Well done.

  67. Beautiful light and colours, especially in the petals and pistils. You have great photo eye πŸ˜‰

  68. Denzil Jennings Photography on said:

    Beautiful capture! Don’t run out of ideas yet, we’re not even out of the first month! I doing a 365 day project as well so I know the feeling. Be sure and check out my blog if you care to follow, and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  69. This is called lovely!!!

  70. mokshafrika on said:


  71. maribetz on said:

    Lovely! Truly lovely!

  72. How incredibly beautiful. Love the light and the details. I just discovered your blog – and I’m doing the same thing this year. 366 days of photos. Your photos are really inspirational and I will definitely make sure to visit your blog often this year.

  73. Well done …..
    Disposable cameras what? it’s her picture outside or inside the room anyway?

  74. Great image! Nice sharpness, DoF, contrast and saturation!

  75. This is beautiful, colourful tulip and the photo too.


  76. Oh man! This is beautiful! You win πŸ™‚


  77. Sorry to bother with a technical question … but i’m new to WordPress. How do you get the comments to show at the bottom of each post? In my blog http://www.pairodox.wordpress.com a user has to click the post to see comments – they seem kinda hidden. I want my comments to show like yours … with the post … right up front, without having to search for them deeply embedded. I hope you have time to reply – I’ve search all over and can’t find an answer to what seems like a simple question.

    And, also – I’m also a bit of a photographer and have always wanted to do the 365 days – thing. Good for you.

  78. Amazing capture and great idea to photo it for your project πŸ™‚

  79. it’s almost as pretty as me.

  80. Spectacular πŸ™‚

  81. Great picture! I’m doing my own 366 project too, but I’m restricting mine to my iPhone camera. There have been a couple of days when I’ve realized that I hadn’t taken a picture all day and had to almost scramble for one, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out at the end of the year. Good luck with your project!

  82. Love your post and love the header of your blog even more, brightened me up:)

  83. mvo168 on said:

    That is an amazing photo! Good luck on your 365 day project πŸ™‚

  84. Flowers do have a certain beauty at all the stages of their existence.

  85. clayer on said:

    Gorgeous!! I think I found my doppleganager β€” Not only is my name Claire, but I am doing the same project, incorporating photos, inspiration and opinion.

    I look forward to seeing more, and you can follow me at http://aphotoaday2012.com/.

    Keep in touch!

  86. La puretΓ©, superbe photo !!

  87. hermosausaadmin on said:

    Great pic! Tulips are some of my most favorite flowers. I love the transparency of the petals! What a wonderful reminder that Spring is on it’s way…Looking forward to more pictures. Hope you have an awesome rest of 2012!

  88. Wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  89. great picture, love it πŸ™‚

  90. Lovely, congrats on FP!

  91. Beautiful photograph and the detail is simply amazing!

  92. What an awesome photo… just stunning.

  93. pretty cool, could be a wallpaper for Windows, no?
    How To Be A DJ

  94. Wow, it’s really beautiful. It almost looks like it is hand sketched or something.

  95. wooowwww!! that is a beautiful picture.. so captivating!! πŸ˜€

  96. wonderful closeup shot.

  97. Wow, very unusual with just two leaves left. Well spotted, great perspective from aside.

  98. I came to realize that the meaning of the following words while viewing this photograph:

    “Images can phrase beautiful words in a way that probably not much people could ever do!”

    I really do think that the above-mentioned quote applies perfectly to your picture!

    So true indeed!

  99. A true and wonderful beauty!

  100. Belle & E.I.B. on said:

    Beauty and a gem

  101. There is beauty even in endings … and you captured it!

  102. weheartlife13 on said:

    Great shot! I’ll definitely check back for more!

  103. beautiful! amazing colors and detail. love it.

  104. beautiful picture. amazing.

  105. beautiful and delicate

  106. beautiful image!

    great work!

  107. Nomadic Photographers on said:

    Very dramatic Photo. I am now following your blog to see what other spare of the photos come your way. My theme for 365 project is Black and White photography at http://www.norrisaroundaustralia.com it is very challenging to think of something each day and pick that perfect shot. I admire you for going along with the challenge too. Good on you.

  108. Wow…amazing inspiration from your picture..
    Life is short as this flower is getting deteriorate after giving its beauty….


  109. That’s gorgeous… must check out the rest of your photos! Your banner is lovely too.

  110. Life can be so amazing πŸ™‚ Even at the end this tulip was beautiful and inspiring

  111. Absolutely beautiful, incredible photography πŸ™‚

  112. Thanks for teling me it’s a leap year by the way. It’s wonderful what inspiration will hit us and when it hits.

  113. mariafernandag on said:

    this is beautiful, the golden lighting on the little things inside the tulip is just magical

  114. dinesh on said:

    Its very beautifull,

  115. sameralkutta on said:

    a beautiful photo you see january month will say as the flower does germinate and open and snows does fall 2012 year is a good year does filled for the happiness and the luxury
    for the all.

  116. thetravelexpert on said:

    Really nice.

  117. Amazing work. I really love it πŸ™‚

  118. Its really nice and it inspire us also.

  119. Capturing the beauty of the moment….whenever that may present itself! Lovely, and nice site here!! enjoyed the visit!

  120. Great blog concept! . . . Remarkable, almost poetic shot!


  121. vaneegnsh on said:

    pretty shot =D

  122. Baker on the Rise on said:


  123. Marlie on said:

    How breathtaking! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  124. Great Photo! I love the focus and the colours of the flower. It somehow gives me a sense that it isn’t real!


  125. Perfect post and GREAT pictures!

  126. wow but you make the flower look so beautiful. you cant even tell its dying. 1coffeehouse.wordpress.com

  127. Genna Sarnak on said:

    This is simply gorgeous! It truly highlights the beauty in the simple things! Well done! πŸ™‚

  128. Wow, that’s a beautiful photo! I love that it isn’t a perfect flower, I think the imperfections of it being on its last petals makes it even more unique.

  129. omaymen on said:

    Amazing picture.

  130. I have RSI from scrolling to the bottom. πŸ˜€

    Beautiful shot!

  131. Angelene @Languages Of Art on said:

    OH my goodness that is so amazing!!!!!

  132. summitg18 on said:


  133. I love it. very details. I could never get this detail..not sure if its my camera or what. Thank you for sharing to help start my day.


  134. What a refreshing blog!

  135. Wonderful piece that remind us of the beauty around us that is rarely noticed

  136. Wow! Just like they say, the moment you stop looking, the moment will find you!

  137. Reblogged this on wahyumahbubah and commented:
    hemmmm luv in it ~~
    simple but georgeus

    I just luv the pic of flower coz in real life, i never seen it around me

    I can find flower in the park only 😦

    Thankyouuu for made my dayyy ^^

  138. Such a nice photo. I like it.

  139. That’s just beautiful! πŸ˜€

  140. this is gorgeous….
    i was part of a photo-a-week group and that would get difficult times….hats off to you for doing a photo-a-day !!

  141. Wow! This pic beautifully symbolizes that there is still beauty in what most people would deem as “past its prime”. What type of camera do you use?
    Congrats on this beautiful picture and for being Freshly Pressed!

  142. wonderful shoot πŸ™‚

  143. Awesome!…
    Looks so great.
    -the way it was taken, it’s color ,the brightness, the angle – it’s perfect!

    well, I’m new to blogging and to find a post like this inspires me to continue with my new found hobby – blogging! πŸ˜€

  144. Your photos are amazing. They make me think of another blog I’ve just discovered, http://ellalevyart.tumblr.com/ . Y’all make me realize two things: how much beauty I overlook and how wonderful it is that there are people who “see” it and share it! I see other “beauty”…in kids and families. See http://www.kathleensblog.com ? Meanwhile, keep inspiring us! πŸ™‚ KF

  145. alythiawisse on said:

    very beautiful!

  146. torivictoria on said:

    wonderful pics, love them.

  147. Daniel Sim on said:

    Awesome! Love the slight washout colors.

  148. very lovely pic. thanks for sharing

  149. Nice post, i hope to see more, also would you mind visiting my site: http://kevinpira99.snappages.com

  150. Stunning. Your work expresses great depth. You expressing your brand signature beautifully. amanda – mysignature.tv

  151. Love your photo and I am a little jealous, i wish I could take picture of my food like you do for flowers and others .. great projects for future. I do that writing or even cooking with the boots still on..

  152. Joe Labriola on said:

    Nice! Almost looks like a natural lamp. Well shot.

  153. Pretty. What lens did you use?

  154. siabyul on said:

    Reblogged this on siabyulog and commented:
    so pretty~

  155. It’s sad to me when flowers are on the way out, but there’s a beauty to them as well (which you captured!). Good luck on the rest of the year and congratulations on being “Pressed.”

  156. An amazing pictorial story of life and death (renewal). Your intuitions led you well!

  157. twodbs on said:

    Beautiful shot. Just stunning – thanks

  158. The beauty of a dying tulip!! If the photo is well taken, the photo ends up fantastic. No matter the subject.

  159. Grahame Hall on said:

    A beautiful image. Congrats on the well-deserved FP!

  160. Grahame Hall on said:

    P.S. Also added a link to “366” on my blog roll…hope that’s okay with you.

  161. stellasbella on said:

    Reblogged this on stellasbella and commented:
    You can simply imagine the scent of that can’t you?

  162. What great photos you have on your blog.

  163. Ella the Bella on said:

    Interesting idea:)

  164. This is a very nice photo.

  165. gorgeous!! i love that it was just your careful eye that uncovered this gem … kudos!!

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