366 Days of Photos

19 January 2012

Todays photo didn’t turn out quite as I wanted, but its a nice enough photograph. I had hoped someone on a bike with lights on would ride past – but no such luck so once again I made a cameo appearance in my photography – can you spot me?

(PS: I hope the shadows aren’t too dark on your screens)

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9 thoughts on “19 January 2012

  1. agirlcalledkim on said:

    I don’t even know how you’ve done it – but it’s great. What a mural!!

  2. NOPE…

    • I’m the orangey shadow/shape – right in the middle, click on the photo to make it larger and you can see its a bit clearer! It’s a long exposure shot. – Does that help?

  3. Jun_Flo on said:

    Is that you walking at the center?

  4. Fantastic mural! Fab work.

  5. xtinaray on said:

    It was a crazy game of Where’s Waldo and I loved it! Great pics so far !

  6. The shadows were awesome! Good job.

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