366 Days of Photos

24 January 2012

I need to stop using myself in photographs.

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17 thoughts on “24 January 2012

  1. agirlcalledkim on said:

    agh, this is perfect.
    much better than a tree!

  2. Beautiful! Love the simplicity in this.

  3. Love the simple perfection! Honesty and heart……………

  4. The light and skin tone are really simple and beautiful

  5. No, they’re beautiful!

  6. Why? Your self portraits are great!


  7. Don’t stop taking pics, and if you’re your own subject: why not? I like the way you did this one: good focus and amazing color in a ‘simple’ shot. Did it take long? Did you do many of them and then choose the best? How do you work, if I may ask?

    • Hi, this shot took about half hour, I took about 10 images in total, self portraits generally need more shots as you have to do a few prep ones to make sure you’re in the right place etc. Saying that I used to take many, many more photos to get that 1 perfect shot – until I started this blog! Doing these photos each day takes up ALOT of time & brain power so I try & make sure I think about the setting of it alot more to avoid taking too many sloppy photos – which is good as my photography has definitely improved in the space of a month. x (apologies for the massive message)

  8. I think this a very lovely self portrait! Photograph yourself to your heart’s content because the results are fantastic.

  9. I think self portraits are a great part of a 366 project! I didn’t take that many for mine so I’m doing a separate portrait project now my 365 is complete. Good luck with the project 🙂

  10. beautiful,
    and no you dont need to stop using yourself :p

  11. Reblogged this on Kiam's Blog and commented:
    rule of thirds

  12. No don’t. This is how we discover ourselves, and ultimately leave a legacy.

  13. Nice Pic. You have done a nice job. Keep it up.

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