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25 January 2012

On my merry way to Nando’s this evening I pulled up under this fly over and caught this shot. I really love the movement in the top of the trees with the long shutter speed.

I adjusted the exposure afterwards to get the colour back in the sky.

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12 thoughts on “25 January 2012

  1. i love the contrast of the sharp lines of the overpass against the movement in the trees. and the blue in the sky really adds depth to the shot. nicely done!

  2. Fantastic shot, maybe your best in this collection to date. More please.

  3. Excellent shot.

    I mentioned you in my blog today.



  4. I like, as cds, the contrasts: texture, colors, and shapes… really creative image. Simple & elegant. good for day dreamers ..as me 🙂

  5. stellasbella on said:

    Hi, I’ve lived in Nottingham some time ago and I am curious as to how this bridge is close to Nandos.

    Great pic. That’s probably why I can’t remember where this place is.

    Did u dabble with the colour of the sky as well? ’cause it’s my favourite shade of blue/grey…

  6. This is the A52 (Clifton Blvard) flyover next to the Boots Head Office – near to the Showcase cinema, which is where Nando’s is! (nom nom) The only thing I’ve changed is increased the exposure – which bought up the beautiful colour you can see here in the sky with these white lights. x

  7. stellasbella on said:

    Ahh Clifton Blvrd, now I remember 🙂 A52 🙂 I used to love living in Notts. thx for bringing up nice memories with this pic Clare

  8. stellasbella on said:

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    Leading Lines

  10. Again great composition..

  11. Mind Blowing!
    You picture is very nice. you have done really good job. It is very beautiful and interesting.

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