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19 February 2012

I was bored, the sun was shining so I Googled: “Ruins in Nottingham” ( as you do) If you’ve never done this with your local area – its well worth doing, you’ll be surprised as what’s near by. TIP: also try ‘abandoned and ‘derelict’.

Up came this little beauty: The ruins of St Johns The Baptist Church about 15 mins away. There were a few photos, nothing spectacular but it looked very pretty so I thought it was worth a go. The building itself was beautiful, vines growing up and over the walls, which were all mostly still in tact, I was itching to get inside! However every entrance and window was  covered with huge iron bars. I hate it when councils do this – I understand why, it just makes getting great photos that much harder, more painful and more unlawful!

I managed to find a large window that the bars had been taken off, I stared at it a while wondering how on earth I could get up there and over with all my camera gear, not be seen and have all my limbs intact. The stone window ledge came up to my nose and I was photographing alone. I took a small run and smashed myself into the side of the wall, somehow managing to drag myself up and over the wall, scraping and denting both of my poor shins! (I would like to add I don’t advise anyone, particularly females by themselves to force their way into abandoned buildings with expensive camera gear & especially not with a dead mobile phone)

The inside was gorgeous and hectic, trees grew up obscuring the views and a homemade Ouija board lay on the floor!! The density of the trees meant the details were lost and frustratingly the photos just didn’t look how I wanted them to.

Until I stepped into the church tower and looked up.


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21 thoughts on “19 February 2012

  1. Love it!

  2. Stunning! I love the coors the light lines and the center point. Thank you!

  3. I just commented, but I still cannot take my eyes off of this shot! I would totally buy such a beautiful picture. I’m simply out of correct words to describe how great this shot is. Great job!

  4. I’ve been following you for about a month on this site, and this is my fav photo so far!

  5. Excellent! So interesting and I love the perspective. Great work!

  6. Yes I like it. it was well worth your effort.

  7. Fabulous shot..

  8. I took your advice, and googled “abandoned seattle buildng” and i got a few interestng ideas! Thanks!

  9. great photo and story to accompany it!! I’m loving your beautiful photos every day. Erica

  10. Wonderful find. The effort was well worth it. I have actually googled abandon houses and have seen some very creepy places I would never go into. I commend your valor.

  11. Very cool. I keep reminding myself to look up and down. I’ve found some great photos by remembering to look everywhre.

  12. I always love straight-up shots!

  13. Worth the effort. Stunning.

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