366 Days of Photos

22 February 2012

…Because everyone loves Crayons.

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15 thoughts on “22 February 2012

  1. Oh, I had a similar idea! 🙂 Love the crayons ^_^ So colourful.

    Just curious: Do you use a lightbox for these kind of photographs?

    • Thanks 🙂 no I don’t use a lightbox. This was shot on top of my bookshelf, using a white piece of paper and my flash gun. – It also involved me balancing on my sofa to get up high enough!

  2. Love this! I automatically thought of my Crayola Big Box of 64 crayons. Ah, the beauty of the Crayola rainbow.

    By the way, i love this project of yours.

  3. Excellent shots! Interesting to learn that you did not use a lightbox – great to know that it is possbile to do this without one. Well done!

  4. Reblogged this on Shaggygirl and commented:
    Yes they do. What’s your favorite colour?

  5. Hmm thats a toughie – I think one of the middle red/pink 13th from the left. I also really like 5th from the left, which is strange seeing as my favourite colour is blue!!

  6. Simple and fun. Crayons are great for pictures and actual coloring.
    I have a couple of crayon shots Ma href=”http://stephanissima.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/two-holiday-shots-and-something-new/”>over here if you want to take a look

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