366 Days of Photos

25 February 2012

Todays post is an epic one! These are photos taken at 5 minute intervals of the sunset across Forest Fields, in Nottingham. The last 6 photos were taken on a long shutter speed which means you can see the blur of the clouds moving across. (you can click on the images to see it more clearly)

Taking photos by yourself in a field at night, while reading Harry Potter to keep you entertained in between shots does get you some weird looks! However I met a lovely lady walking her dog who I gave my website address to.

To the nice lady: If you manage to find my blog, I hope you like my photos from today and it was lovely meeting you this evening!  🙂

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10 thoughts on “25 February 2012

  1. Epic indeed! Very beautiful pics…wow! Lovely.

  2. I like the little slice of moon!

  3. What a fantastic idea! Beautiful photos!

  4. pippywardell on said:

    Venus, Neptune conjunct the moon; wonderful shots- thank you
    with love

  5. pippywardell on said:

    no!!! I meant Venus and Jupiter… must be the neptune influence spacing me out.. just finished my yoga practise….

  6. pippywardell on said:

    PS: your photos are one of my daily joys !!!

  7. mymother5 on said:


  8. Wow! Love these! Such a cool series.

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