366 Days of Photos

29 February 2012

I’ve driven past these cherry pickers quite a few times and for some reason find them highly amusing, so at last I’ve photographed them.

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13 thoughts on “29 February 2012

  1. That is pretty awesome. I agree with them being highly amusing too haha 🙂

  2. Fantastic photo!

  3. Great photo and great to ride in too…

  4. They look like an armada of gangly shy aliens, that are not sure where to go to when encountering us.

  5. love this, are they always hanging around like that?

  6. kasmango on said:

    haha…. at first glance i thought it was an amusement park ride! fun shot!

  7. LOVE this photo! So fun.

  8. They do look like beings holding their hands out, waiting for something to be dropped from the sky.

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