366 Days of Photos

03 March 2012

This a suitcase full of old unwanted photographs for sale in a shop. Both my friend Laura and I agreed this was such a sad thing to see, if we were to take anything with us wherever we went it’d be our photographs. You can buy a new laptop or a new car, but you could never get your photographs back.

Looking at this suitcase reminds me of why I started photography all those years ago.  Sometimes these photos are all we have left and sometimes we realise it too late to take the photo.

Don’t learn the hard way. Take photographs.

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6 thoughts on “03 March 2012

  1. The history buff in me would have wanted to look at every single one of those photographs.

  2. They sell black and whites all the time at our local flea market here. My mom never forgets to remark “Someone took this and loved these people.” I like to take them and write stories about the people, it’s the way I make myself feel better about it. I also like old postcards in fine cursive.

  3. The moment I saw this picture I immediately sensed a feeling of loss and sadness and reading your comment I was glad to realise that you conveyed your own feelings well with this. It is a beautiful picture, naturally. I know people who had to abandon their houses upon war -thinking they’d go back- and did not take any of their photographs with them. Years and years later, they had nothing to show their children, grandchildren of their upbringing. This is the loss one may suffer from missing out on taking photographs and keeping them in albums.

  4. I’m our family historian mostly because no one else cares. I find that to be incredibly sad – these are our relatives and our history!


  5. John on said:

    I agree, I get so annoyed by those that hide from the camera. Moments come but once. Folks are not around forever

  6. Lovely photo!! I hope someone bought the photos and will love and cherish them even if they don’t know the names of the people involved. Beautiful memories are created in moments and the click of a shutter.

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