366 Days of Photos

09 March 2012

Before any of you wonder if you’ve seen this image correctly, yes this is a tooth – my wisdom tooth, that had to be extracted this morning. Gross. The black parts you can see is the blood that I couldn’t get off – hence using black & white. I was in two minds about whether to use this photo or not, but this is a record of my year so why not.

Plus the more I look at it the more it looks like the tooth is trying to tip-toe off the page…

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14 thoughts on “09 March 2012

  1. When I got my four removed they wouldn’t let me keep them. 😦

  2. Funny idea, I like it – and my first thought was also that it looked like the tooth was tip-toeing away!

  3. John on said:

    Never had any wisdom, teeth, or otherwise. but I like the thought of your tooth running away. Hope your not in to much pain

  4. John on said:

    Like the idea of the tooth you lost running away. Is this what is meant by suffering for your art

  5. madisoncary on said:

    it does look like it’s trying to sneak away! i hope you recover quickly!

  6. While this is a little gross – how perfect is it for a 365 photograph – you did great!

  7. wow, that’s cool! (not extracting it, but the photo) I don’t think I have ever seen an image quite like this, and I like it!

  8. What an idea to shoot your just distracted tooth! Great picture! Hope you are doing fine and don’t suffer too much from this ‘adventure’

  9. That sucker looks gigantic! I hope your mouth heals without too much pain 🙂

  10. Funny that I thought the same about it tip-toeing!

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