366 Days of Photos

12 March 2012

My most recent photos have been a bit different to January & Februarys, alot of them haven’t been ‘pretty’ photos – like todays. I always struggle with photos like this – I find them visually interesting but always feel unsure whether these photos will please my viewers, then I have to remind myself I started this blog for me.

I saw this chimney tower whilst waiting for my car at the garage – the sky was a perfect white and I thought the starkness of it with the tower looked quite striking.

(Yes I think it looks like a cigarette too)

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21 thoughts on “12 March 2012

  1. I always find your photos interesting…even if they are not “pretty”. I find that I sometimes hesitate to publish photos that I don’t think are good enough (for whatever reason, not being pretty is one of them) but when I do, there is inevitably someone who comments that they like that particular one.
    You are giving us a gift of a photo each day, so I doubt anyone will complain that a photo isn’t pretty enough. Keep up the good work.

  2. Please tell me how you get the background like this?

  3. I really like this. If all we were going for was “pretty” the world of photography wouldn’t be as interesting as it is.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Love it! Fab minimalistic composition and color tones. Very interesting.

  5. Nothing wrong with that pic, its a great photo…

    Andy O.

  6. Sumaira on said:

    If it pleases you, the purpose is served..! 🙂

    The audience understands somehow.

  7. Do what works for you and others will follow. Start trying to anticipate what people will like and you’ll lose your edge. Keep it going!

  8. It almost looks like a cigarette!

  9. Very surreal! Almost like a painting in some ways.

    I agree with the others, especially since you started the blog for yourself.
    Thanks to you (and a couple of others), I’m starting to get excited about photography again.

    Ciao for now!

  10. Kitty Hun on said:

    But what is beauty? Half your job as an artist is to question that and make US question that too!! This photo is extremely beautiful and pleasant to look at–though not “pretty” per se. It is magical. Do art for yourself first. It’s working. :]

  11. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love this!

  12. I really love this photo – the nature of chimney towers are that they aren’t typically ‘pretty’ but what you have captured here looks fantastic. I also love that it is chimney tower and in this photo it resembles a cigarette – kind of makes sense, in a crazy kind of way.

    Thanks – for giving me something new to look at every day 🙂

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