366 Days of Photos

16 March 2012

This photo didn’t come out as well as I wanted – or at all like I wanted to be honest. But its 23:35 and I’m sleepy.

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5 thoughts on “16 March 2012

  1. I’d experiment with this some more though. It’s not bad – with some technique, you might get something really good. Just a thought!

  2. Got some lens flare going on there. Keep working on it. How many sources of light do you have? It looks like three. One behind him creating a rim light might be better.

    Or bring the source of light in closer so his body hides it and only the rays show?

    • It’s using the car head lights, so 2 sources. I should mention that my lens filter has cracked and become wedged on my lens so I’m having to shoot through a cracked filter 😦 I think I should have positioned Craig where the light beams joined.

      • Maybe you could have shifted everything and come in closer so that you only had one headlight behind Craig?

        About you cracked filter: Oh no! Maybe a photo store can remove it for you. The crack is always going to be like a fiber or other thing stuck on the lens.

  3. I like it. Even though it’s not perfect it’s quite intriguing.

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