366 Days of Photos

20 March 2012

I walked past this chap today, I crossed over the road and walked back to take his photo discreetly. He’d wedged himself in this corner so he was in no ones way, I hate seeing old people on their own, yet I’ve never plucked up the courage to go over and have a chat.

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11 thoughts on “20 March 2012

  1. This gentleman reminds me of my daughter’s great grandfather who lived with us until he passed. He would babysit my daughter up until a few weeks before the end when he sensed he was getting close to the end.

    Every day he went out to do his errands and a bit of shopping. It’s how he kept in touch with the world. He always took our trash out too. He always wanted to be useful and connected, and he was.

    • Kitty Hun on said:

      I love it when art connects you to something from your past like that. :]

    • It’s nice to hear (read) that. I always sympathetically wondered, “what is that old man, or woman, doing with all those groceries on their own?” I get it now. And often times I too find myself running errands during my freelance work days to get a little dose of human connection — guess something don’t change with age.

      Beautiful photo and great comment!

  2. Kitty Hun on said:

    Brilliant! Truly beautiful! I would love to have a chat with him. I wonder if he’d have anything interesting/profound to say?

  3. Reminds me of my Grandfather. He always wore a shirt under a sweater and slacks. You would never find him in a pair of jeans. I’m sure this gentleman would have loved for you to go up and talk to him or at least say hello.

  4. Lovely portrait, and a bit heartbreaking too. Very interesting and thought provoking.

  5. Although his posture is quite frail looking his facial expression is very alert. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind chatting with you.

  6. Good photo. I think it is important to connect with people like this, even if only for a minute.. You may be the only person to talk to him all day..

  7. It captures the way the elderly are pushed around, It’s really quite sad, it’s as if he’s trying to make himself blend into the wall and disappear.

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