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03 April 2012

Today I noticed how strange plums are – the white marks make it look like a mini planet. So here’s my plum planet.

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12 thoughts on “03 April 2012

  1. John on said:

    Your right I thought this was a planet as it opened.
    Love Plums to

  2. Beautiful color and striking composition!

  3. It DOES look like a planet!

  4. great plum planet…beautiful with the black background

  5. Me too, I thought it was a planet… great shot!

  6. I love this photo, and I love your blog, so I’m sending along a Sunshine blog award!

    Check out the link at http://thethreesixtyfiveproject.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/sunshine-sunset/

  7. This photo is well compositioned. I thought it was a planet until I realized the indentation. Wonderful capture of color and the background really makes it pop! Great work!

  8. Nice! Plumrise 😀

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