366 Days of Photos

09 July 2012

The last few days I felt pretty tired, I’ve been working all weekend and thinking about things too much, which has meant my creative juices have been very much depleted! This evening I had pretty much decided to stop this project, but at 10pm this evening I went out for a drive to try & find something to photograph. After driving down to the river I drew a blank with each photo I took and I felt like I was getting nowhere so I drove back home. I walked in my flat and for some reason lit a candle and carried it into the garden where I started to take photos…

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13 thoughts on “09 July 2012

  1. I’m glad you decided to continue. I like these photos.

  2. John on said:

    Keep on, youre work should be seen.

  3. pippywardell on said:

    don’t stop! I am really enjoying your photos. I look forward to them everyday, they bring a sense of wonder and newness to my time on the internet. Plus I have never been to england and your photos help me to feel connected to the my ancestral homeland.

  4. So glad you’ll be continuing on! Love your work and look forward to your photo each day.

  5. And the result is so lovely and interesting. 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t quit and hope you will continue to share your fantastic photos the rest of the year. 🙂

  6. I love those random moments of inspiration! This is great!

  7. Clare:
    Most of my comments to date have been about your individual photos, which I’ve enjoyed almost without exception, and in many cases have thought brilliant.. You should know, however, that collectively they have kept me going all year. I look forward EVERY day to seeing what great things you have put on film or pixelated.
    Please, please don’t give up on your project.. You’re doing a fantastic job, and yes, you’re over half way there! You’re bringing great joy to many of us out here in Blog Land!
    Many thanks.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, this has spurred me on no-end 🙂 I do really appreciate every comment I’ve received from you and everyone else through out the year so far. On I go!

  8. Clare, I know that there are some days when it feels like a slog. I’m so glad you were able to get through this day and still find something of interest to shoot. Glad you’re keeping at it, but if you should choose to stop, I, for one, will understand. Do it as long as it gives you joy. If it feels like a chore, what fun is that?

    All the best,


  9. kelly on said:

    Don’t give up! I’m following you from Colorado with a similar photo project – taking a picture every day of something I’m grateful for. I know how taxing that can be sometimes, ( I took a picture of my tummy one night when I realized I hadn’t taken a pic, but had eaten the most delicious tater tots ever. Not my best photo.)
    I look forward to your pictures for your creative eye, angles, and the seemingly abundant material. Please keep it up!

  10. Please continue ! I just found you on WordPress (I’m new). You’ve inspired me to take photos and share. Don’t lose inspiration. 🙂

  11. You shouldn’t stop, your photos are so beautiful 🙂 Hope you keep going with the 366 project. I don’t comment often, but I took a look at your blog everyday 🙂

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