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04 February 2013

Todays post is probably a bit of an unexpected one for most….

This is the Dumbledore’s staircase from the Harry Potter films. As a HUGE fan of not only the films but more importantly the books my parents bought me the amazing present of visiting the studios. (Thank you…again)

It’s amazing. This is all I’m going to say on the matter as I would simply ramble on for ages about how amazing it is. Did I mention its amazing?

I decide to only take my small compact camera as I wanted to keep my full attention on the experience in front of me rather than worrying about taking my big camera with me – probably an odd thing you might think for a photographer to say but hopefully you’ll understand.


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6 thoughts on “04 February 2013

  1. Smaller, easier to carry right?

  2. everydayelaine on said:

    I love Harry Potter too! When they brought the Harry Potter exhibit to Singapore, it took me and my friend almost 3 hours savoring every costume, props and set of Harry Potter. Such an amazing experience!!!!

  3. Love Harry Potter too…the books more than the movies! And totally understand the leaving behind of the big camera 🙂 I’ve started doing that more often after I got my iphone which allows me to take rather decent pics!

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